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Your sports performance will falter if you don’t have a customized recovery plan that fits your sport and body mechanics. At Tier Wellness Center, Adam Sandahl, DC, CCEP, offers comprehensive services that enhance your recovery, treat and prevent injuries, and optimize your training and performance. From chiropractic care to cryotherapy, Dr. Sandahl has the expertise and services you need. Call the office in Long Beach, California, or book an appointment online.

Sports Recovery & Performance Q & A

Why is sports recovery essential for performance?

If you’re involved in competitive sports, you already know the importance of giving muscles time to recover. Many patients, however, don’t realize that recovery is an important component of every intensive exercise program.

Rest and recovery between periods of activity give your body time to repair and strengthen muscles, restore glycogen, and replenish cellular energy.

Without a period of recovery, you’re at risk for fatigue that diminishes your performance and repetitive motion injuries that will temporarily keep you out of the game.

How do chiropractors improve sports recovery and performance?

In addition to giving you tips for optimizing recovery, Dr. Sandahl treats musculoskeletal injuries, improves your biomechanical balance, and aligns your spine to relieve pressure on your back.

You can also receive training in body mechanics, which helps you avoid injuries and perform better.

Two examples of specialized treatments offered by chiropractic doctors include:

Muscle activation technique

This technique evaluates your muscle contractions and restores balance and function if your muscles are too tight or don’t work properly.

Fascial stretch therapy

Fascial stretch therapy eliminates tight muscles and stiff joints caused by injury, overtraining, or lack of exercise. It improves your flexibility, strength, and balance.

What treatments are available for sports performance and recovery?

Dr. Sandahl provides a wide range of treatments that benefit anyone who engages in sports and wants to stay healthy or improve their performance.

After a physical exam and evaluation of your musculoskeletal system, Dr. Sandahl develops a customized treatment plan that may include one or more of the following:

Chiropractic techniques

Spinal manipulation, extremity adjustment, and physical therapy are a few examples of the diverse chiropractic methods available.

Graston technique

The Graston technique uses specialized tools to target soft tissue injuries, releasing scar tissue and treating myofascial tightness to restore range of motion and eliminate pain.

Active release

This therapeutic massage breaks up scar tissue, relieves pain, and improves movement in injured muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia.

Kinesio taping

This is a taping technique that stabilizes muscles and joints without restricting your range of motion.


Spending a few minutes at subzero temperatures prevents muscle soreness, speeds healing of injuries, improves muscle oxygenation, and reduces inflammation and pain.


TheraGun delivers percussive massage therapy that suppresses pain and relaxes deep muscles.

Compression boots

These pressure boots speed recovery by preventing or eliminating the fluid build up in your arms and legs.

Performance nutrition

You can’t perform at your best without nutrition that supports your energy requirements and nutrient needs. Dr. Sandahl evaluates your nutritional status and prescribes what you need to stay in peak condition.

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or you simply take your personal exercise regimen seriously, call Tier Wellness Center or book an appointment online.