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Cryotherapy is a leading-edge treatment that only lasts a few minutes, yet the short exposure to subzero temperatures can boost your circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote recovery following intensive sports training. At Tier Wellness Center, Adam Sandahl, DC, CCEP, offers cryotherapy for pain relief, healing, and energy rejuvenation. If you have questions about the benefits of cryotherapy, or you’d like to schedule an appointment, use the online booking feature or call the office in Long Beach, California.

Cryotherapy Q & A

What is whole-body cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy refers to using cold temperatures to treat your body. For example, applying an ice pack to relieve inflammation is a common form of cryotherapy. Doctors frequently use cryotherapy to remove unhealthy tissues.

Whole-body cryotherapy is a treatment that wraps your entire body in extremely low temperatures for 2-4 minutes.

Despite the ultra-low temperature, your skin does not freeze or become damaged. The cold air is safe because it’s dry and flows over the skin’s surface. During a session, your hands, feet, and ears are protected from the cold.

How is cryotherapy administered?

Whole-body cryotherapy is done using specialized chambers. Individual cryotherapy chambers are designed so you can stand inside while your head remains outside the chamber.

Some types of chambers are designed to accommodate several people who stand or sit, completely enclosed inside the chamber.

At Tier Wellness Center, a technician stays with you while you’re in the chamber. The door is never locked, so it’s easy to quickly leave the chamber, if necessary.

How does cryotherapy affect your body?

Rapid exposure to a cold temperature causes two immediate reactions. First, your skin’s reaction to the cold triggers the release of epinephrine, endorphins, and anti-inflammatory substances.

Second, the cold temperatures rapidly constrict blood vessels in your extremities, forcing blood to flow into the core of your body to protect your organs.

When you come out of the chamber and reenter room temperature, your blood vessels dilate and normal blood flow is refreshed, sending a boost of nutrient-rich blood throughout your body.

What are the benefits of cryotherapy?

The therapeutic benefits of cryotherapy come from its ability to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and trigger the release of beneficial biochemicals. Cryotherapy helps with:

Pain relief

As cryotherapy reduces inflammation in muscles and joints, it relieves pain caused by overuse injuries, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

Sports recovery

Cryotherapy is often used in sports medicine to prevent post-workout muscle soreness and speed the healing of muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries. It also improves muscle oxygenation and stimulates metabolic activity that relieves pain and boosts recovery.

Mental health

Cryotherapy shows promise for lifting depression and relieving anxiety thanks to the increase in endorphins.

Cryotherapy may also serve to kickstart an energy detox and boost your energy. To schedule a cryotherapy session or learn more about this innovative treatment, call Tier Wellness Center or book an appointment online.