Please call the office (562-430-8501) to check your insurance coverage for chiropractic, acupuncture, orthotics, laser treatment, and psychotherapy. For all other services, or cash pay, individual prices are listed below.


3-month minimum commitment

Walk-in daily to TIER on your way to the gym, the grocery store, before work, on your lunch break. TIER is a lifestyle. Time to get to the next TIER. 

$299/month All-Inclusive Team TIER Membership

  • Daily Keto-Coffee (Get your specialized TIER Travel Coffee Mug on Day 1 of Membership and stop by every morning for a fill-up of Purity Coffee with MCT Oil and Collagen Protein or fill up with a mug of Organic Bone Broth with MCT Oil to start the day off right in ketosis.
  • Daily Purified Alkaline Water Refills (Get your TIER stainless steel water bottle on Day 1 and fill up for a day of hydration)
  • Unlimited Infra-red Sauna Sessions (max 1 per day)
  • Unlimited Compression Boot Sessions
  • Unlimited Vibration Plate Sessions
  • Unlimited Matt Pilates
  • 2 TIERs per month: 1 TIER = 1 Chiropractic Session, 1 Massage, 1 Acupuncture, or 1 Psychotherapy Session
  • TIER Upgrade: Purchase Additional TIERs for just $49 when you are a Team TIER Member
  • Unlimited Kryo Therapy : Max 1 per day
  • Unlimited Oxygen Bar with Aroma Therapy
  • TIER Member receive 15% off all merchandise
  • Have insurance and want to become a monthly unlimited member, please call to discuss options 562-430-8501


(w/ Dr. Adam, TIER Founder)

  • $100 Initial Consult
  • $60 Subsequent Appointments

* TIERalign Cash Value Package: $599 for 12 sessions


(w/ Dr. Lori, TIER Founder)       

  • $150/Hr Individuals
  • $185/hr Couples/Families


  • $80/1 hr
  • $120/1.5 hrs


  • $100 Initial Consult
  • $80 Subsequent Appointments         

Sports Recovery Package        

  • $45 Theragun/Compression Boots/Vibration Plate – 45 minutes

Stress-Less Package                      

  • $169 1 hr Acupuncture/1 hour massage

Fertility Package                            

  • $1189 12 sessions Acupuncture/12 Sessions Chiropractic

Infrared Sauna                               

  • $45  -  45 min


  • $30 – 30 minutes


  •  $15
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